This week has been a great contacting week.

Transfer 3, week 3

Our week started with an exchange with the sister training leaders soeur Bentley and soeur Hutchins, I spent the day with soeur Hutchins, hunting less actives in Venissieux, super muslim area of Lyon. And kind of red zone. So no contacting there. We only found one of the people we were looking for but it was a fun day anyways. The weather was amazing and soeur Hutchins made us pancakes for diner.

We visited so many less-actives this week. Our weekly visit the Payés was nice, it was Rhian's 10th birthday and we made him cookies and a card. Frére Saez got two visits from us, one was a quick pass by and the other time we went there with Sr Villiene so we could actually go in. He's such an adorable old man, still remembers the sacrament prayers by heart. He proudly recited those to us. Sr Villiene also took us with her to see a young less active mother who's from Russia. She has the cutest little son named Micah who only spoke Russian. The Villiene family also fed us twice since we didn't finish their lasagne the first time... It was really good though, they always serve the best meals. 

Soeur Bartin got her weekly visit too. It was so funny, we were at the door and she tells us to come to the living room really fast because there was a nature document that was filmed in Finland on TV! We watched the last to minutes of the program and this is the funniest part... The first thing after the program was a commercial of a documentary on Babylon!! (To those of you who don't know, we call wordly things 'Babylon'). So ironic.

This week has been a great contacting week. I feel like my French has progressed a lot because I've been talking so much. I was really scared of talking to strangers when I first got here but now I actually enjoy it! Even if they're not interested in our message it's fun to talk with them about their lives and other things. And at the end they normally start asking questions about the Church. We've also had a few people contact us on the tram, we've given out three Books of Mormon like that and fixed a few RDVs.

We were finally able to hunt down our beloved Chinese recent convert/less active Yan Min! She's been travelling and is also busy with school and hasn't been to Church in ages. We've tried calling and visiting her but no. She doesn't pick up or she's not at her apartment. On Saturday night we were yet again on our way to her apartment to see if she would be there. We were just about to step out of the tram when we saw Yan Min standing on the platform in front of us!! She was on her way to school so we took the tram with her. She promised she would come to church but she didn't. So Sunday night after eating an awesome dinner at the Weeks' house we went to see if Yan Min was home. She was and we spent a little moment with her. We helped her a little with her English assignment and prayed with her and she seemed so happy at the end of our little visit, she also asked us to come back next week!! Makes me so happy that she's not avoiding us.

Soeur Gribissi came to church for the fourth time in a row which means she is officially reactivated. She's well integrated and really wants to go to the temple in July when they have the ward's temple trip. At least we're having some kind of success even if it's not baptisms!

ALMA 5:14

14 And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?


Spring Break

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry you haven't gotten anything new to read for a looong time. I've been super busy so I haven't had the time to write letters here. But so have the girls so I don't have that many to write.

I just found four letters on my desk so I'm going to be posting them here during this week and next week.

I hope you all are enjoying these letters and pictures they sent. Please leave comments below if you like me to send them any questions or just your thoughts. :)

Have a wonderful summer! I hope the sun is shining where you live! (It's not here...)

- Jasmi

A view of a castle from a train window.