My first time in Switzerland!

Transfer 3, week 4

Our week started with exchanges. Monday night we took a train to Lyon and this time we went to stay with the Villeurbanne soeurs, soeur Crowley and Soeur Benitez. I spent the Tuesday with soeur Crowley and we had some cool experiences. For example, we visited this muslim family who's mom is super nice, so happy and smiley and she ADORES the sisters. Anyways, we were about to leave and we thanked her for her smile and she started opening up to us about how her baby, one of the twins, suddenly died a few months ago, and how that really hurts her but she needs to stay strong for her 4 other children. The most touching thing she said was 'God is equal. He gave me two babies and let me keep one and took one for himself.' The way she said it was so beautiful, I wish I could think like that in my trials!

We also taught an African man named Jungle and he was so awesome! He could be the leader of an african tribe haha. We taught him the restoration and at the end of the lesson he said all casually 'God knew that soeur Hiltunen, soeur Crowley and frére Jungle would be  here today at five o'clock talking about Jesus. God knew this would happen.' He called himself FRÉRE, brother. Hahaha, so awesome. I wish I could teach him again!!

On Wednesday we had zone conference in Geneva!!! My first time in Switzerland! We didn't see much though, the Gare, the tram and the chapel. But the conference was amazing, we had five zones together so I got to see a lot of friends, for example soeur Rönndahl, my beloved MTC companion!!!! I love her so so so so much. I also found another finnish person, Elder Ihalmo! Our conversation was really short though, we both felt awkward speaking finnish. (Por contre, my french is getting A LOT better.) We had a member of the quorum of the seventy visiting our mission and him and his wife gave really good talks. I just love zone conferences... We also got Swiss chocolate. Best part of the day. 

Sunday was daylight saving. Did we remember to change the time on our clocks? No. So we were half hour late to church. But it totally happened for a reason!! We had two miracles on the tram. A few days earlier we had contacted a woman from Chechenia who doesn't speak good english but she speaks russian. We got on the tram Sunday morning and she was there!! And soeur Green had russian pamplets with her. The second miracle was that a man we had met in the tram stop two Sundays earlier and invited him to church but couldn't come that day. He also couldn't come now but he told us that this morning when he woke up he was thinking of us and that there's a reason we met again. He said he would try to come to General Conference next week but we'll see.

D&C 112:10

 10 Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers.

- Soeur H