Once Upon A Time...

...there were little goldfishies living in the beautiful nordic country of Finland. They had been best of friends for some years and had spent some of the best days of their lives together. But what they did not know was that their biggest adventure was yet to come...

In October 2012 Thomas S. Monson, the preident of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint announsd that all "able, worthy young women who have the desire to serve may be recommended for missionary service beginning at age 19, instead of age 21." Oona and Emmi were 19 and Ida 18 at the time and they all knew what they wanted to do.

After months of hard work, visiting doctors, dentists and church leaders their papers were finally ready in late spring and sent to Salt Lake City to be assigned. Oona and Ida got their calls on the same day, May 30th 2013. Oona opened her call first at her home: There was the first goldfish to be called to the FRANCE LYON MISSION.

Then Oona, Emmi and some other friends jumped to a car and drove 1,5h to Ida's home where she opened her call.  There was the second goldfish to be called to the FRANCE LYON MISSION.

To those of you who dont know, LDS missionaries dont get to choose  the country or the area where they want to serve. And it's really rare that friends go to a same mission, happens pretty much NEVER. So them being called to the same mission was a miracle, and everyone was excited!

Two weeks later Emmi received her call. Ida and Oona were obviously there nervous to see where their friend woul be serving. Would it be France Lyon as well?? No, probably not, that would be impossible. But against all odds, there was the third goldfish to be called to the FRANCE LYON MISSION.

The best mission in the whole world.