Wild Missionary Life


Bonjour and hi from Bdx! 

Missionary life is so busy here I barely have time on p-days to write my family but here is somethings I'd like to share with you!

Chrismas is Bdx was great, on Christmas eve we visited people who were going to be alone on Christmas and we brought them finnish Cinnamon rolls! One of my favourite people that we visited that night is an old man who takes care of his sick sister. They had no plans for Christmas so we surprised them with Christmas gifts and a Christmas tree. They were so happy and it felt so good just to give. He gives so much to his sister by taking care of her everyday so this time we wanted to give him something. It was great! I felt so happy.

New year's we wen't to bed early and woke up at midnight to see a couple of fireworks from our window, then fell back asleep. Wild missionary life.

Lately we've been working a lot with unactives! And I love it. Last week we were able to contact a couple of unactives that we've tried to get a hold of since last transfer. We are working with wonderful people and a couple of really cool families. Our Heavenly Father truly blesses us when we work hard and do our best trying to find people. :)

The work in France is progressing and I love being here! What a great way to spend 2014. Being a tool in the Lords hands... in Southern France.

Not bad.

Avec Amour Soeur M