It’s probably the highlight of my week!

Last Monday was our first P-Day. And it was horrible! We didn’t plan our preparation day part of the day the that well, so we had to hurry everywhere and our use of time was totally lost. Then after dinner we had to go back to our classroom and all of us were wild and we couldn’t concentrate at all. It took about three days for us to recover from the restlessness of the P-Day. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on the things we have to do ‘cause most of the time we don’t have a teacher and we really like to talk in our district. It’s quite exciting to notice how we actually have learned to understand the language while reading. Even though we haven’t have that many French lessons. We learn it while studying the gospel. It’s so fun to read the scriptures and sing in French! I just bought a primary songbook en francais.

Yesterday was our first normal Sunday in MTC. It was nice, more relaxed. We had a lovely relief society meeting and in the evening a devotional. And district walk around the temple was simply the best!! It’s probably the highlight of my week! We get to just talk and we don’t have to hurry and to feel bad for not studying.

We’ve studied outside when possible and tried to get some sunlight!

The cookies here are the best in the world!!!! Almost better than the double chocolate chip cookies in Subway. SOOO DELICIOUS! I and Soeur Bagley take a lot of them during lunch and smuggle them out from the cafeteria and nibble them along the day. I’ll be so fat when I’ll come back!


Soeur H

Instead of playing hangman we play guillotine...
At the temple