My first week in MTC


The first week has gone by nicely, although it feels like I've been here FOREVER already. But somehow time has flown by really quickly, funny. The days are really long and we don't have much time to catch our breath, only when we're eating, but it doesn't bother or stress me at all.

Our district is so nice and we all get  along really well. Although we have already lost two missionarys. They were too good in french so they got transfered to the two week program instead of the six week. The other one was my companion so now I'm in a triple companionship, but it is fun.

We have really nice teachers here. The other one served in Lyon and the other one in Canada. We can already almost pray and testify in french, sometimes we have to cheat a little. It's so nice here in the MTC. The holy spirit is very strong and we learn more and more each day. The most wounderful thing that you learn here is that Christ is the center point of everything. All the commandmends and guiding that we have is because Christ is like that. It is our goal on earth to become more like He is.


Our district