We worked so hard this week!

Bordeaux is super nice even though it rains EVERY DAY!!!! I like this city very much. Especially the rich areas that are in good condition hehe. 

We worked so hard this week! We had an M week, every day we got a new challenge that we tried to accomplish. Woah we were so tired at the end of the each day. But we met lots of new people and I actually talked to people alone without my trainer. Wohooo! 

One day we got a referral for a Belgium lady that we were sent to meet. She lived quite far away, over and hours drive so our senior couple took us there. The place was SO beautiful! Like a proper French country side, vineyards and little cabins everywhere! All I could think was that my mom would love this place!

On Thursday we had zone training and I saw a few friends from MTC. I was so happy, it was like seeing family!! We also ate pizza that had potatoes in it and what(!) it was incredibly good though at first I was like EW!

We live next to a fancy area, but our apartment is in kind of a dark area so we’ve gotten a few admirers. One evening this one man was following us and was totally in love with me. So he took my hand and kissed it. I told him okay thanks and yanked my hand free ‘cause he wouldn’t let go. And this is not the only night that we have had admirers’, but most of them are pretty harmless so no worries.

Our ward is fantastic! Really nice young adults and old ladys whose homes we’re trying to find during the day. I feel that all of them live 'in the middle of nowhere' streets. We’re very bad at reading the map so we get lost often. Heheh.

Till next week!

Bisous, Soeur M