The scariest thing ever, but still very rewarding


MTC is in the past!! Can't believe it's over. We all arrived safely to France and stayed in Lyon for a couple of days. They made us go do contacting almost immediately. The scariest thing ever, but still very rewarding. Scary, only because I don't understand everything in french and most certainly can not talk it. Me and Soeur Metsatahti decided to contact this one young man standing by himself. We started a very awkward conversation and tried to get to know his religious background and told him about the book of mormon. Suddenly this girl comes up and the man just grabbed the girl and they started making out wildly. Haha oh gosh we just started laughing and kinda ran away. The next day we got assigned our first area and companion. I am now in Nice and my companion is Soeur Howden. She is awesome and really patient when it comes to me being new and totally lost. Nice is absolutely gorgeous!! Oh là là, I will have to write more next week! 


Soeur N

Picture from MTC