And miracles started happening!

27 January 2014

Transfer 2, week 1

Soooo, my old companion died (finished her mission) and I got a new one, soeur Green. She is adorable, we have so much fun!! I have a feeling this will be an amazing transfer.

And we've already seen some crazy miracles!!

On tuesday we had anti miracles... Only one of our rendez-vous worked out. But that was an awesome rdv with a less active old lady who only has two teeth! So cute!! She loves us so much. he had all her scriptures ready when we came to her house and she showed us letters from missionaries and her old temple recommend and baptism certificate. Ohh she's precious.

Wednesday was full of tombez-vous*... Though on our last train ride of the day we had a few awesome contacts, handed out a Book of Mormon and found a long lost less-active member! Miracles.

Thursday also started with antimiracles. We had a lot of them. At around 5pm we were at the chapel after another tombez-vous, both of us feeling tired and a little discouraged. We knelt down to pray and decited to go and try to visit some people on the other side of the road.

And miracles started happening!

First we went to this family's door who's dad we have contacted a few days earlier and who had given us their address. The dad was home and would've invited us to come in but his wife wasn't home... But we fixed a rdv for another day!

Second, we went to see if this peruvian family from our ward was home, some members of the family are less-active. The dad, who's less-active, opened the door and invited us to come back another day. (we went and it was awesome! Soeur Green speaks a little spanish so she totally sparked them by praying in spanish! And we got invited back again wohoo!)

Aaaand the biggest miracle of the day: there's a less-active lady who me and soeur Kofoed tried to pass-by many times but she was never home. Well, we decited to go there again anf this time she was home. She looked a little confused and first we thought ahe didn't want anything to do with us but she invited us in. And we ended up talking to her for an hour! Or a little more... Hehe. She told us everything, how she's been inactive for 12 years, all the doubts she's ever had and also all the commandments she's broken... Soeur Green shared the story of how she gained her testimony and then we shared Moroni's promise (Moroni 10:3-5 in the Book of Mormon). She told us she had tried to do that but never got an answer and that she denies the existance of the Holy Ghost. She also has a 12-year old son who was first just watching TV but then got really in to it and at one point he brought out an old Book of Mormon! We also ended up staying for dinner and had the best chicken ever. So yummy.

We left feeling good but thinking that it might take a loooong time before she'll be reactivated because she's in denial and found a lot of the things we said ridiculous. Although she did say she wishes she could be like us and be able to say that she KNOWS the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is true.

Well, two days later we receive a phone call from this lady. She tells us how she's been thinking about our words a lot and that she tried to find the scripture in the Book of Mormon that we shared with her but she couldn't. So she took out her hymn book and found he childhood fave hymn "Aimez vos frénes" (Love one Another), started singing it and suddenly started crying! She wondered if this is a sing of God, if God sent the sister missionaries to her because it's her time to come back to Church and she prayed and decited to come to church on Sunday!! AND SHE DID!! After 12 years of inactivity!!!! Just unbelievable. God id good. So good. And this is only the first week of the transfer. Too great!!!

Other than that, my french is still awful but getting better. OHH and we had blues conference and I saw all my MTC friends!!!!! <3 Though me almost missed the thing because we missed our train in the morning, but the Burtons saved the day and drove us to Lyon! They're superheros.


* people we fixed a rendez-vous with don't show up.

Blues conference