3 February 2014

Tranfer 2, week 2

This week we worked really hard and ahd some really good contacts and even a few miracle lessons on the street. But we're having hard time finding people who actually want to have lessons with us... Until Sunday night!

Last week we contacted this older man who had just lost his mother and was really sad about that. He wanted to learn more about God's plan for us and how we can be together with our families after death. We set up a rendez-vous at his house but when we went there he wasn't there. We left him a Book of Mormon and a little note. We tried passing by him a few times but he wasn't there. He lives quite close to us so on Sunday night we decited to go see if he's home, one last thing before going home. We went there and he answered the sonnerie and let us in! We couldn't go in to his apartment though because we didn't have another female with us but we talked to him in the hallway and gave him a lesson! He was accepting the things we talked about, like the Book of Mormon and restoration and was excited to read. We fixed another rendez-vous for Friday and now we'll just pray that everything works out!

We also taught our miracle less-active lady who did a 180 turn in one night. She was like a different person when we saw her. She seemed happy and all the cynicism was gone. We talked about repentance and she had been studying the subject on her own. She really loved the scripture we shared especially when she noticed she had marked them when she was young.

Saturday was really nice day. We watched "Finding Faith in Christ" with the adorable chinese girl and she had made us dumplings.

Then the highlight of the week! We went to eat chez the finnish couple in our ward. Finnish meat balls! And warm cranberry juice! From finnish Arabia cups! I was coutente. They're such a nice couple and their home is so Finnish. I just want to die!! I really don't need to feel homesick while serving in Clermont.

And one thing that I've learned this week. BE POSITIVE, HAVE GOOD THOUGHTS AND BE OBEDIENT!! That's the key to missionary work and the key to life. We're on this earth to have joy (2. Ne 2:25), and sometimes you need to seek for the little happy things in the dark times to have that joy but it's worth it. Christ suffered for us so that we could be happy. 


À la prochaine, soeur H

At the finnish couple's house

We went to primary

Nothing else to eat on fast sunday