27 January 2014

Woo I'm still in Nice!

I just want to start off by telling that my companion Soeur Bailey is absolutely insane. That kid is crazy! Never have I met anyone like her. First off she is from America so that explains a lot.. secondly, she is from New Mexico so that explains it even more. She even speaks New Mexican, which is english spoken in a spanish accent. One of the members here actually thought that she was speaking in an other language. I'm just going to tell a few things she's done so that you can understand who I have to live with.. So this one time my companion couldn't find her planner, we thought she's lost it for good. We were freaking out because we had a lot of lessons planned and new numbers of potential investigators in it. She was freaking out dramatically! She was depressed and went lying under the table, almost losing all hope. I followed her under the table and there we were and didn't know what to do with our lives. We said a prayer to find the planner. After her wanting to sink into the deepest depression.. we found the planner on her table..

One time she was talking to an Asian man and then they were waving their hands to say goodbye and then suddenly she just high-fived the guy. Not awkward. Oh and she falls all the time! Like no sense of gravity or balance in her head. One time she opened a peanutbutter can with her bare hands and got some legit warrior wounds on her hands. One day she bought a toy gun and surprise attacked Soeur Hodder by shooting at her. Yhen she bought a whisel. I do not know why. She also has this funny blue flowery grandma nightgown that she wears every night. So the fact is that she is going to be a princess one day so that is why she sometimes practises her performances to us.One night she sat on the floor in her nighty and sang the little mermaid. I know, she was born to be a disney princess.

Just this last Sunday she gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting and as she was walking up she stumbled on something and almost fell flat on the ground in front of everyone. Talk about princess-like elegancy! It was funny though. The newest thing is called the PAWS! She makes me put my hands in hers and lock them together and look each other in the eyes. That's how we build companionship unity! Oh and one time we happened to be in the middle of locking paws when the bishop of our ward walked pass and laughed wierdly at us. Definitely building confidence in us!

Everyday is and adventure with Soeur Bailey and I love it! I've really been blessed to see her face every single day for the past 7 weeks. She is an inspiration for me and her enthusiasm is admirable. She touches people's lives and help to uplift their faith. She is an one of a kind missionary!

One of the greatest experiences we've had together was our investigator's baptism. He had a date fixed for him but we were thinking about pushing it with a week. But when we sat down with him in the beginning of the week, we all felt that we should keep the original date.This meant we only had one week to prepare for the baptism. After a lot of organising, we made it! The baptismal service was beautiful and so full of the Spirit. I know that God prepared Nic (our investigator) to hear about the gospel and to accept it. Nic made a lot of changes in his life and they were not easy ones. I feel like mt life was blessed by having this opportunity to see Nic change for the better and see how the gospel blessed his life. Happiness shines from his face and his faith and hope for the future are clear. Nice is a city of miracles!

- Soeur N