25 Nov. 2013

 25 Nov. 2013


This week was crazy in many ways. We had zone conference and got to hear some really uplifting thoughts by our mission President and his daughter who recently came home from her mission. Our challenge was to be the Lord's favourite missionary. Like that's not already the case! JK... it was a good challenge. Working on it.

So my companion broke her arm last week after faceplanting on the ground like a pro... We spent a lot of time at health care centers. She finally got a sling after wearing scarves like a true fashionista. True champion!!

On Thursday we went on exchanges (switch companion for a day) to Montpellier. Funny thing was that we actually missed our train by maybe 30 seconds!! So we had to take a later one. We finally arrived to Montpellier and it was freezing cold compared to Nice. The exchange was great, I learned a lot about being a missionary.

We came back to Nice on Saturday and went straight to a lesson. Great lesson! I hope our investigator felt the need of acting. I'm feeling like something grat is going to happen. Can't wait to see what the Lord has in mind.

Motivation quote this week was: Will you not seek for my lost ones? from the hymn Dear to the heart of the Shephard.

Bisous, Soeur N

p.s. Two weeks left of my first transfer. WHAT THE WORD