Transfer 1, week 1


First week in France is almost gone!! I don’t understand almost anything what people say to me but we’re getting there. My trainer Soeur Kofoed is really nice, super American which is a little overwhelming sometimes but she keeps good care of me and is experienced. This is her last transfer. Already I have learned so much from her and she is a good example of obedience. I’ve figured that obedience is really important for missionaries. If we want to succeed in the field and get miracles we have to be obedient.

Our city is called Clermont-Ferrand, about two hour train journey away from Lyon. But because there’s never been Sisters our apartment isn’t ready yet so we’ve been staying in Lyon. Although we went there for a weekend and I instantly fell in love with it and the ward!!! The ward isn’t that big but the people are so nice there. There’s also one Finnish lady who married a Frenchman in the 60’s and since has joined the church. She is very lovely! The other missionaries in Clermont; Elders and senior couple are incredible also and very musical. On Saturday evening was the ward Christmas party where we missionaries performed ‘Have I Done Any Good’. It went really well and the ward fell in love with us immediately. I have a really good feeling about Clermont and I’m sure I’m going to watch miracles happen here!

I didn’t get to send an email last week for my last week in the MTC so now a bit from that! It snowed a lot in Utah which made everything prettier and I felt like I was in Finland, it was lovely!! I have to admit that I rather be a missionary here where it’s warmer because we have to be outside all day. We got a chance to be new missionary hosts on Wednesday which meant we got to help new missionaries coming to MTC. It was fun!! They looked so helpless and cute. I realized how far I’ve come. Except now I’m in France and I’m a baby… Here they call greens blues. We tried to enjoy the last week and the moments together with the district and the zone. It was bittersweet but I felt like I was ready to leave and start the ‘real’ work.

Soeur H