On the same day we went to Monaco


The week just passed by so quickly and here I am thinking what in the world did I even do during the week. We had a lot of lessons that we taught to people who are interested in our message. It is such an honour to meet these people and get to know them and their lives. What  they believe in and how they see the world, the meaning of life and the importance of the gospel!

On thursday morning we went jogging and my companion fell flat down on the asfalt because she did not see the chain on the ground. She injured her arm and can't use it. Which has given me a great opportunity to help her. On the same day we went to Monaco. Because Monaco has a law against proselytingwe had to take our tags off, which felt a bit weird. We visited Soeur Howden's cousins. Such a lovely family!

Sundays are the craziest days. We had three of our investigators to come to church. My companion almost went nuts trying to take care of everything. I was just like chill. Everything is fine. We had a good sacrament meeting, hah even though I don't understand much. It's all in french. I'm suprised how much I've learned in three weeks though.

Life is good. We got to experience a sick storm one night. Thunder and lightning all over the place. Was cool though. Oh and a flock of birds flew over us today and one had a great aim and hit my shoulder with poop. My companion laughed so hard and haha next thing she knows, she has bird poop on her hand. HAH!

A bientôt! Bisous, Soeur N