I’m only halfway blue !!

Week  6

Bonjour !

We started the week with pretty cool miracles. We saw at least three people we had contacted earlier and never heard of them anymore.  I’ll tell about one of them, there is this cool girl from England, she’s just the sweetest thing ever! The first time we saw her we invited her to an activity at the church and she said she would come but she never did. I was a bit bummed about it because I wanted to know more about her. Didn’t think I’d ever see her. Me and my companion prayed about it and asked our Heavenly Father to let us meet her again. Weeks passed by and we kinda forgot about her. And on Monday as we were walking home I saw this funky girl walking on the other side of the street. Looked just like her!! I asked my comp if she agreed and next thing we know we are running like crazy after the girl, just caught her before she went inside her building. Miracle! This time we got her number and invited her to an Christmas activity. 

I’m only halfway blue !! (blue is what they call new missionaries and normally it would be greenie but in France they call us blue) Just one more transfer and I’m not a newbie anymore.  C’est a dire that  a new transfer just began today. I am staying in Nice and I got a new companion, Soeur Bailey. Soeur Howden ( my previous companion got called to Chalon, it’s cold up there hah) But for me it’s going to be Christmas in Nice. It doesn’t feel like Christmas though without snow and absolute insane coldness, but I kinda like it this way too. Not a fan of cold… 

 The 6th of December was the independence day of Finland, I made little flags and hung them up on the wall. And I got my companion to sing the Finlandia hymn in finnish with me, she did a great job haha! Points for trying. 

We go running every morning, one day we decided to take a different route than usually. After a while we ran by a house, and ohh my word what a house, straight from creepyland. They have huge teddybears laid out on the lawn, sitting on chairs. And they have these stuffed toy animals hanging from trees and just all over the place. I need to take a picture, it’s so strange. 

The greatest miracle of the week happened on Sunday. We have been teaching this mother with three young daughters for a couple of weeks and invited them many times to attend church but they never came. Don’t really know why but I think the mother feels like she’s not perfect enough to come to church. But after we taught with a member present the member took action and invited them, and they came!! Even the teenage girls.  I know that attending church will help them progress and feel the love  that Heavenly Father has for them more in their lives. Greatness. 

Motivation quote for the week: I’ll go where  you want me to go dear Lord.

Bisous, Soeur N