Did You Think to Pray?


To start the week off as awesome as ever I catched a cold and had my nose being the worst mucus waterfall in the world. So awkward having to blow my nose every 5 seconds in meetings or lessons. Oh well, it's good now.

On Tuesday we had a musical night with the ward. Four Elders in our mission travels around and comes to perform in the wards. All the missionaries performed a song together, there in eight missionaries in the Nice ward so it was cool. My companion performed with one of the musical Elders and they sang Have You Done Any Good Today? Super good!

We've only had a few lessons with investigators and visited inactive members. We have this one interesting investigator who is greek/romanian and speaks only greek, romanian, russian and a little french, italian and english. Soo there is a slight language barrier but he really wants to learn more about our message. He came to church one Sunday and afterwords I asked him if he understood much because everything was in french. He said he understood little n his head but everythingin his heart. i was very impressed. On friday we went to Monaco , my companion has her cousins living there and Soeur Howden'd dad gave her uncle an assignmet to get her arm checked by a proper doctor. Haha, still the same outcome. But this trip gave me a chance to talk to Soeur Howden's uncle a bit about having faith, whilst waiting in the waitingroom. Monaco was gorgeous and so sunny! We got lost at one point and found ourselves in an underground roundabout. No idea how we ended up there but we got out pretty quickly!

Our mailman decited to go on a strike so we didn't get letters for a week of so. He needs the gospel obviosly. Would lighten up his day. 

OK so french is not the easiest languagein the world so making mistakes is inevitable. One time in the tram I saw a girl with a cool cardigan and I said "J'aime votre chemin" which means "I love your way", oops I got the word 'chemin' and 'chemise' mixed up. Well I guess the girl understood what I meant. Last week when I was on exhange in Montpellier we went to the McDonald's and I felt super confident in ordering in french. Finally it's my turn to order and I say "Je voulu trois cheeseburger", at that moment I didn't realise I'd said "I wanted three cheeseburgers". Where did the past tense come from?! Anyway the guy who took my order understood, and I got my three cheeseburgers!

Motivation quote of the week: Did you think to pray? from the hymn Did You Think to Pray? Don't know why but this song was stuck in my head and reminded me often to pray.

Bisous, Soeur N